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About American Dancer

American Dancer, the official publication of USA Dance, Inc. is published four times a year.  Although American Dancer is currently being made available free of charge, USA Dance reserves the right to restrict access in the future to non-members and non-subscribers.


American Dancer welcomes submissions of unsolicited articles, photos, and other graphics.  All submissions become the property of American Dancer magazine and are not returned to the sender.  American Dancer reserves the right to edit all materials for space, content, grammatical and preferential reasons.  Preferred method of editorial submissions is by written proposal to the editor who will initially review the story ideas and materials and make a final decision whether to request more information and/or publish.  American Dancer retains all first-usage rights to submitted copy and photographs/digital images.
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About USA Dance

Mission Statement

To improve the quality and quantity of ballroom dancing in America.

USA Dance, Inc. is the Recognized Sport Organization for DanceSport in the United States with approximately 150 chapters throughout the country.  It is the representative organization for all competitive, social and recreational Ballroom and Latin dancers in America, ranging from pre-schoolers to seniors, with both amateur and professional classifications.
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American Dancer Staff

About Our Cover

Featured on our cover this issue are Terry Hague and Carla Hutchinson, kicking up their heels at the Tallahassee Chapter Florida Sunshine Dance and Symposium held in June of 2021.  Photo by Vince Smith Photography.