July – September 2021

January – March 2021

Advertising Test Page

This page shows example usage of the AdRotate plugin to provide advertising. This page is using the same Advertising Group for each of the Ad placements but there could be multiple Advertising Groups.  For the initial deployment we are planning two groups, one targeting general/social membership and the other targeting DanceSport members.  Stories / articles regarding Dancesport could include both Ad groups on the same page but non-dancesport articles/stories would just include the general Ad group.

Below I’ve linked three other test page to show that different ads can show up on different pages (there are only 5 ads in the group I’m using)

National Calendar for Upcoming Events

The National Organization is seeking to inspire America to get back to social dancing and part of this is to promote chapter based dance events throughout the country via our calendar so that when people begin traveling and want to social dance they have a single place to look OR to inspire other chapters to begin holding events as public health restrictions allow it. The calendar is available at https://usadance.org/events/event_list.asp. To ensure your event is listed you can either:

  1. Create the event within your chapter’s SocialLink group, complete this form, and then National Officers will be able to add it to the National calendar; OR
  2. Email the relevant info (date, time, chapter, theme or event name, contact info, flyer, etc.) to Chapter-announcements@usadance.org and the Marketing & Communications Committee will add it for you.

Membership Auto-Renewal

A number of members have expressed frustration at needing to remember to renew each year. Thus, we are excited to announce that auto-renewal is now available for all dancesport membership categories! If you would like to set up your membership for auto-renewal, please email talley@usadance.org with your full name as it appears on your USA Dance card and your membership number. If you have any questions about this, please feel free to email our Membership Director, Margot Garnick at membership-dir@usadance.org.

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