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And the Band Played On

BY SYLVIA HARRIS ROSE - USA Dance Greater Memphis Chapter 2012 Vice President/Publicity Dir.

The Drew White Orchestra with dancers Yi Lu and Karen Craig
Photo courtesy of Sylvia Harris Rose

They waltzed with the girls, and would glide ‘cross the floor with the ones they adored while the “Drew White Orchestra” played on and on.

USA Dance Chapter 2012 hosted their October 9, 2021 band dance after a two-year postponement due to the Pandemic.  This dance was not only special as to being complimentary and bringing the ‘Memphis Area Dance Community’ back to life but was sponsored by Ms. Camilla Wilson of Memphis, to honor her friend and dance partner, who passed away’

Our Sponsor Camilla Wilson with Robert White, President of Chapter 2012
Photo courtesy of Doug Farris Photography

Memphis Chapter holds two live-band dances per year.  One, in April, is our famous costumed, themed dance from the 20’s and 30’s — “The Greatest Gatsby Dance On Earth”.  The other band dance, held in October, romanticizes and celebrates the season of the “Harvest Moon”.  Traditionally, the other months’ dances are held on the second Saturday.  These dances are promoted around a seasonal theme such as a Valentine Ball, St. Paddy Dance, Spring Fling, Summer Fiesta, Barn Dance, Back to the 50s, ‘Harvest of Thanks’ for November to recognize our volunteers, and of course a big December Holiday Dance. Music for these dances is mixed and recorded by our member, volunteer DJ, Dr. Tim Hnat.  

A little dancing, a little talking, everyone having a great time!
Photo courtesy of Doug Farris Photography

All dances feature entertainment including dance mixers, which we call ‘chair dances’, and professional showcases performed by local  studio professionals and independent professional instructors.  Exhibitions are showcased by: Pro/Pro, Pro/Am, or Pro/Student.  

Rumba Showcase: Andriy Velychko, professional and student Jan McElroy
Photo courtesy of Sylvia Harris Rose
Waltz Showcase: Andriy Velychko, professional and student Barbara Cook
Photo courtesy of Sylvia Harris Rose

We are grateful that the Memphis Dance community can once again gather to socialize and dance. Drop by any second Saturday of the month to dance with the happiest dancers in the Memphis area, hosted for the last 20 years, by Chapter 2012.    C U on the LOD, Sylvia!

Leo and Jan Koulogianes with Larry Moore taking a break from the dancing.
Photo courtesy of Sylvia Harris Rose

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